How it Works


You Select a Theme

The needs of your organization are unique. That’s why we provide a selection of themes for you to personalize your discussions. You have the option to choose between:

● Transferable Skills.
● Self Confidence.
● Community Engagement

Along with your theme, you can also customize the duration of your series and the speakers.


We Design the Conversations

Once the details of your series are decided, our team works with the speakers to custom tailor your experience. We design presentations around your specific needs and concerns. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every series is distinctive to your school or organization.


Everyone Participates in the Discussions

On the day of the events, everyone joins the discussion prepared to participate. The conversation kicks off with an ice breaker. Then your speaker shares their personal career journey.

Remember, this is not a lecture. The presentations have a conversational flow and everyone is encouraged to ask questions


Attendees Engage With Their Community

Teens leave the conversation with a newfound confidence in their abilities. They have fresh insight into the opportunities available to them. And a clearer vision of the professional world.

They begin to develop a deeper understanding of their true capabilities that they can use to make a difference in their communities. They establish a ripple effect of positive growth in their society.


We Provide You With Support Materials

We follow up with support materials for you to use during and after our conversations. Teens need to stay active and engaged in their career planning journey. These materials will help you keep the discussion going long after your LIT speaker series has ended.

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